Sunday, 8 November 2015

called to serve

The lord's work is getting better and sweeter each day as we put much effort in bringing to pass our father's will..the principles and doctrines of the Gospel has rely helped the people we teach each day ...I testify of a quote from elder Packer which says "true doctrine understood changes behavior and attitude more than the study of behavior changes behavior". in as much this people we teach have the knowledge about the restored Gospel and the doctrines and principles that comes along with it,their lives begin to change positively which help them to know the reality of our heavenly father's plan in always happy that am an instrument in our heavenly father's hand in bringing about much good in my fellow brothers and sisters who have not come to the knowledge of his Gospel...proud to serve

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Stake conference @ Ikeja

This day could be one of the memoreable day on my mission.its all about stake conference and hearing our leaders speaks to us on various subjects that the lagos stake it consist of two zones in the mission.ikorodu and ojodu zone met at the stake conference to see how our recent converts and members wax stronger in the give me great joy to see my fellow elders and sisters embarking on the Lords errand progressing exceedingly in the Lord's business.below are couple of pictures the Lord would have me capture blockquote>

Saturday, 15 August 2015

President Ahadjie setting the ball rolling at the service project

it was fun seeing my mission president and other leaders setting good examples for all to amazingly great to work and to serve others.i am proud to be called upon to serve and also glad that am opportuned to be called a mormon.

service project on the Lord's errand ( MOSIAH 2:17)

As a missionary,the most wonderful blessings that has ever happen to me comes along with service.serving others with a sincere heart and real intent brings about uncomprehensible blessings in my life.seeing smiles on everyones faces really tell how sweet the work is.seeing my able elders and sister in collaboration with members and investigators brings peace and joy in my beautiful upon the mountains of were the project was held and the brightness of the cloud anabling strenght in the bones of all those who worked which bringeth sustainable development.bravoo